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Bleach xxx story part 12: Better Left Unsaid

Before she could react, Soi felt something soft make contact with her lips, pressing against them with a hesitant intensity that obliterated any conscious thought she may have had before. It was only when Yoruichi’s face slowly pulled away from her own that Soi realized what had happened. Yoruichi had kissed her. The princess recoiled, slowly, reluctantly as a lifetime’s worth of sensations blossomed inside her at once. She hadn’t imagined that Soi would taste like that, that she would smell so good this close. Any seblance of restraint Yoruichi might have been exhibiting in that first kiss evaporated. She wrapped her arms around a still-paralyzed Soi, felt her eyes slide shut as she pulled the girl in again, wanting to be sure that she wasn’t imagining this ecstacy, this exhilaration that had awakened. She hadn’t been. Soi was weakening with every kiss Yoruichi continued to plant on her hesitant lips, her mind protesting this even as her body was beginning to surrender. This was wrong, Yoruichi was her superior–her Captain, her Goddess, her princess. She wasn’t thinking clearly, didn’t know what she was doing. She wouldn’t have been able to fight much longer if Yoruichi’s hand hadn’t slid beneath the waist of her robe, hadn’t been slowly making its way upward… Oh, gods. “S… …to be continued!

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