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Bleach porn story part 5: Better Left Unsaid

Yoruichi tried to shake off the memory, letting her eyes land on Soi, who was walking a few steps behind her. It didn’t help, and in fact only intensified what Kisuke’s look had meant…. She deserves to hear it from you, at least, he’d said simply before they parted ways. Stop it, she told herself with an angry shake of the head while they left the woods. It was hard to admit, she’d been denying it from the moment she’d known that she had to help Kisuke escape, but it was true. She wouldn’t miss anything or anyone in Soul Society. Anyone except her. As Soi ate, carefully taking small, meticulous bites of her meal, she nudged her tray slightly in Yoruichi’s direction. The older woman, however, was too occupied in her own thoughts to notice the gesture. Now Soi was certain that something was bothering her–Yoruichi usually liked to swipe food from her when she wasn’t looking, then would smile innocently like it was all just a game to her. It was getting harder by the minute to stay quiet, to let her concerns remain unheard, and it didn’t help that what she’d overheard about Captain Urahara and the princess kept popping up in her mind. …to be continued!

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