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Bleach porn story part 1: Better Left Unsaid

Yoruichi winced as the tip of the wakizashi knicked her shoulder. She didn’t make any noise, or any sort of verbal protest to the pain–the smallest wounds she’d recieved while face-to-face with a Hollow were far worse than this. Even so, she heard the clang of the offending blade falling to the ground, followed by the immediate apology of her sparring partner. “Oh, Yoruichi-sama–I’m so sorry! ” Soi Fong fell prostrate to the ground, lowering her face as close to the grass as it would get, just so that she didn’t have to shame herself further by looking her lady in the eye. “Please forgive me… I wasn’t paying attention and I–“”Hey, what do you have to be sorry about? ” The jovial tone of Yoruichi’s voice made the young girl raise her eyes, hesitantly, to find that her sempai was far from angry. In fact, she almost seemed happy. “… That’s the first time you’ve been able to hit me, after all! ” It took Soi a moment to realize that, as always, Yoruichi was right. She wanted to share in the princesses’ pride, but she couldn’t get her mind off what had just happened. “But… you’re bleeding… “”Pfft. It’s only a scratch, it’ll heal itself,” Yoruichi said as she wiped off the slowly trickling red liquid with her free hand. “Besides, it’s my fault I didn’t move fast enough. …to be continued!

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