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Bleach xxx story part 11: The Reunion

“Oh, Yoruichi-chan, yes… yes, right… right there, do it… do it harder, please,” she whispered, barely able to speak from sensory overload, and Yoruichi complied. When Soi felt her go harder, she began to buck her hips in rhythm with Yoruichi’s thrusts. It felt so good, she was about to cum, but could only breathe: “Yoruichi, I’m… gonna,” before her orgasm rocked her body, leaking all over Yoruichi’s hand. “That was fun,” whispered Yoruichi, completely spent do to her injury. Soi lay limp, unable to move, unable to speak. Yoruichi laid her hand across Soi’s waste and laid her head on her chest, content and sleepy after their second encounter. “I love you, Yoruichi-chan, with all my heart, and all my soul,” said Soi when she had found the energy to speak. She laid her hand on Yoruichi’s head, stroking her hair. Yoruichi’s breathing got deeper as she fell asleep, and Soi followed soon after. And they lay there, in each other’s arms, and no one else existed to them. No one needed to; they only needed one another to be happy. A/N: Hey all! This is my first fan fiction, so I want some feed back. Don’t be worried about hurting my feelings or anything; I need it if I plan on writing a new one. …to be continued!

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