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Bleach porn story part 8: The Reunion

Yoruichi, however, didn’t care about her wound and put Soi’s hand on its intended destination, putting hers on Soi’s. Soi felt her hand come in contact with that perfect, cocoa skin, and sighed. She’d been waiting for Yoruichi to get better to do this, but if she was initiating it, Soi wasn’t going to complain. She began to rub Yoruichi’s naked chest, very gently, as not to hurt her, or reopen the wound. At this, Yoruichi began to undo the yellow sash tying Soi’s Captain’s jacket together. She succeeded, with some difficulty, and threw it aside, Soi now only wearing the Shunko outfit. Yoruichi snaked her hand into the side of it, and cupped one of Soi’s small breasts. Soi flinched a little at the sudden contact, but didn’t resist or complain. Knowing Yoruichi wanted more than this, Soi began running just the tips of her fingers across her flat stomach, coming ever so close to the panties she was wearing to bed. Yoruichi put her hands around Soi’s neck and undid the knot tying her Shunko outfit on. She also undid the knots at her hips. She stood Soi up, and sat up herself, letting gravity undress Soi completely, who stood there, all her blood in her face. “Still so beautiful,” she said softly, pulling Soi into another passionate kiss. Soi straddled her lover, finding it better than just sitting on her lap. …to be continued!

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