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Bleach hentai story part 2: The Reunion

“How dare you call me that!? You think you can just waltz back in here and everything will be alright? I can’t believe you! “”I had a reason to go, Soi, please believe me,” explained Yoruichi, tears brimming in her eyes. “What reason could you possibly have to abandon me after that night? You completely destroyed me, Yoruichi! When I woke up and discovered you gone, I searched all of Soul Society for you. When I heard an announcement that you and Urahara,” she said the man’s name with venom dripping off her voice, “had left, I knew you weren’t coming back. I knew my only chance for love and happiness had left me, and I knew why,” as she said all this, she didn’t notice the look of pain on Yoruichi’s face. “Soi, I… “”NO!!! ” screamed Soi, cutting Yoruichi off. “You only did that with me to make me feel better! You never loved me, you just didn’t want me to feel so bad and confused when you left! You wanted to me have some childish hope that you would return to me! ” Soi was in a blind rage now, not even realizing what she was saying, releasing emotions she’d kept bottled up for over one hundred years. “Soi, just please let me exp-“”I SAID NO!!! I don’t want to hear anymore of your lies. I just want you to leave me alone, and never show you face again. …to be continued!

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