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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 31

(Pet-A Perfect Circle)

The two striking males stood tall before Rukia. They looked at each other for just a moment before Ichigo murmured, “My turn.” Grimm nodded and some silent signal must have passed between them because it was like they flipped an internal switch. Their expressions went from contemplative to molten hot in an instant. Rukia was taken aback by the change…she’d seen Ichigo like this before at Seireitei but to see them both like this? They were strong and in control-they were the masters of this domain-and they knew it. These men were the finest pleasure slaves on the continent, and tonight, they were all hers.

They were gods among men and she was meant to worship them.

That thought alone was enough to turn her insides to jelly and shake her resolve to the core. I will do the right thing. I will do the right thing. I WILL do the right thing! Rukia repeated that mantra again and again in her mind until she was sure it would stick…at least she hoped it would.

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