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Bleach sex story part 11: Better Left Unsaid

But it was the intensity of the attraction, the feeling in the pit of her stomach urging her on, that was strange. She felt hungry looking at Soi, more so for a girl she’d never touched than anyone she’d had in her whole life. Moreover, Soi was so plain to look at– at least that’s what everyone else seemed to think, with her stoic features and practically flat chest. Yoruichi knew better, though, and the fact that no one showed an interest in her only made her want to keep Soi closer. She didn’t want anyone else to see her the way she did; to see the girl who any man… any woman, for that matter… who’d give her a chance would kill to have… “Wh-what is it? Are you hurt? ” Soi’s worried questions brought Yoruichi back to reality, although reality was the last thing she wanted to deal with now. “No… ” She had to say it. Now. Soi, I’m leaving. I hope I’ll get a chance to see you again. Goodbye. But all she could do was stare at the younger girl’s exposed shoulder, where the yukata had slid down slightly. Just enough to tease her. Entice her. “Yoruichi-sama… What do you n–” Soi never got a chance to finish her question, as her eyes locked with Yoruichi for the first time all night–silver irises colliding with golden ones. …to be continued!

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