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Bleach sex story part 10: Better Left Unsaid

The only thing here that would’ve attracted any attention was the bed, covered with the most expensive and comfortable fabrics Soi had ever slept in. It was definitely an advantage of being one of Yoruichi’s personal bodyguards, aside from being in constant proximity to the princess. Too tired to make any attempt at formality, Soi tore the sheets off the bed, sighing gratefully as she felt the cool futon with her hand. She was just slipping between the covers as she heard the door slide shut behind her. Instantly, all lingerings of fatigue left Soi, and she turned toward the threshold with hands arched in a combat stance. Until she saw who was standing there. “Y… Yoruichi-sama! ” Soi put her hands down immediately, letting them rest at her sides, hoping that her superior wouldn’t consider her actions a sign of impudence. Yoruichi made no notice of Soi’s reaction, and steadily began to approach the younger girl. She almost hesitated when she realized what Soi was wearing… and how beautiful she looked in it. No, she told herself quietly, with an urgency that seemed abnormal, but then she stopped herself. What did she have to be ashamed of? …to be continued!

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