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Bleach hentai story part 8: Better Left Unsaid

Yoruichi was just glad that the plan hadn’t been compromised. “… Is that what you were worried about? ” At the sudden question, Soi nearly choked on the tea she’d been drinking, not wanting to give herself away but knowing that her behavior may as well have been a red flag. “Uh… I… ” Soi muttered, speechless, her face getting redder by the minute, which in turn made Yoruichi laugh again. She tried to imagine a time before Soi had come into her life that her smiles had appeared this easily, that her status as royalty had brought anything good or worthwhile. Yoruichi hated ever having to ruin her time with Soi by being serious, but she knew that the longer she hesitated, the harder it would be to tell her what she needed to. The late dinner over, Soi had graciously requested to take leave of Yoruichi, on the grounds that she wanted to bathe before going to bed. Her sempai had granted the request easily enough, but it was something else that was occupying Soi’s thoughts as she soaked in the simmering water, listening half-heartedly to the sound of cicadas and the rustle of the grass around the hot spring. Yoruichi was doing her best to put up a good front, but Soi could tell that something was still on her mind. …to be continued!

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