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Bleach hentai story part 7: Better Left Unsaid

Really. But thanks for your concern. ” Soi wasn’t finished, however, and started talking again as soon as Yoruichi stopped, as if she’d been waiting for a chance to interject. “Well, um… then if you don’t mind me asking… I… “Just ask her, Soi told herself severely. She won’t get mad at you… right? “… Yoruichi-san… it’s about you and… and Captain Urahara… ” the younger of the two was so busy screwing up her courage that she didn’t notice Yoruichi’s face turn deathly pale…. Does she know? “Is… is it true t-that you’re getting… “”… What? ” Yoruichi asked uncertainly, as the end of the sentence had faded out of audibility. With a deep breath, Soi asked in a clearer tone. “… Is it true that you’re both getting… married? ” The older woman did a double take, confused. “Married? Why would Kisuke and I get married? “”Well… I… I’ve seen you both… together… a lot lately and, well… I’ve heard people say that you two should… ” To her surprise, Yoruichi began to laugh. “Soi,” the princess told her shocked guardian once she’d managed to calm down, “… I’ve been around him too long to see him like that. We’re friends. Good friends, but that’s all. …to be continued!

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