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Bleach sex story part 6: Better Left Unsaid

“Y-Yoruichi-sama? ” The Captain shook her head slightly, as if fighting off sleep, then turned in Soi’s direction while setting down her chopsticks. “Hey, what is it, Soi? You’ve been awfully quiet tonight… “”Well, actually… ” Soi began, struggling to meet her sempai’s gaze. She was silent for a moment, deliberating if she should say anything, but finally swallowed her fear and spoke. “… I noticed that you were, well… Yoruichi-sama, is… something wrong? “”… What makes you say that? ” Yoruichi asked once the shock of being seen through had worn off. “Well, it’s just… you don’t seem like yourself tonight,” the young girl said as she averted her eyes. “I… I know it’s none of my business, but I was… “”… Yeah? “”I was… worried… about you, Yoruichi-sama. ” Yoruichi’s eyes widened slightly at her friend’s statement. Soi never talked to her like this, never shared her feelings openly unless it was to beg for forgiveness or pledging eternal loyalty to her. Normally Yoruichi would never allow any of her subordinates to show such concern on her behalf, but with Soi, it was… well… sweet. Almost cute. “A-and,” Soi continued after a brief pause, “… I… just wanted to say that… if y-you wanted to tell me… I wouldn’t be able t-to help, but I could listen, at least… …to be continued! 

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