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Bleach porn story part 2: Better Left Unsaid

Not fast enough? Since when? Yoruichi had certainly been correct– in all the years she’d spent training with the heir to the Shihouin clan, Soi had never once been able to lay a finger on her, and usually only succeeded in avoiding being knocked out immediately due to some lucky blocking. There was no way that the strike she’d made would’ve have come within a foot of Yoruichi normally… not to mention that she seemed a little… unlike herself today. For one thing, she’d shown up late for their sparring match, and she was usually the first one to reach the clearing where their mock battles took place. For another, even though it wasn’t her business, Soi had noticed that Yoruichi had been spending more time around the 12th Division Captain, a man whom Soi had only met once or twice named Urahara Kisuke. It wouldn’t be much– just him leaning in to speak quietly to her, or calling the princess over to a deserted alleyway and her showing up an hour later. While the subject of their discussions remained unknown to the young girl, the rumors spreading about the two had reached her ears so many times that she often wondered if they were true… “Hey, are you still there? ” Yoruichi asked playfully, pulling Soi out of her reverie. “Oh, um… …to be continued!

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