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Bleach hentai story part 10: The Reunion

Oh, yes! Keep going! “Hearing this, Soi went down on Yoruichi right when she had her orgasm, letting her love juices flow into her mouth, remembering the sweet taste. After she had licked up every little bit of it, she leaned up and kissed Yoruichi, allowing her to taste herself again. “You taste good, Yoruichi-sama,” whispered Soi, lying down next to Yoruichi, who didn’t stay where she was. She was on top of Soi in a flash, kissing her even deeper than before, exploring every inch of her mouth with her tongue, committing it to memory. Soi moaned into Yoruichi’s mouth as she grabbed her breasts and played with them much more aggressively than Soi had done to hers. “Oh, Yoruichi-chan… ” breathed Soi, forgetting her formalities. “I love you, Soi, I want you do know how much,” crooned Yoruichi, who then started to kiss her lips, then on her neck, down to her chest, in her heavenly valley, and finally ending on one of her nipples, getting sighs of pleasure with each kiss. She also inserted two fingers into Soi’s flower, getting a strange squeak from her. It was only the second time anything had entered her, so it still hurt a little, but it was more pleasure than anything. …to be continued!

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