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Bleach hentai story part 9: The Reunion

Soi reached her hand down and moved her Goddess’s panties aside, rubbing up and down her slit with her thumb. Yoruichi gasped into Soi’s mouth, who took the opportunity to insert her tongue and explore. She ran her tongue across her lips, tasting them, and then touched their tongues together. Yoruichi laid back down, and pulled Soi with her, who kept her hand in the princess’s panties, rubbing harder and faster. Yoruichi moaned, never being the first to get touched down there before. She could feel herself getting wet, and Soi could feel it too. The Bee removed Yoruichi’s panties and inserted two fingers, moving them in and out slowly, but firmly. “Oh… yes, Soi, faster, faster,” pleaded Yoruichi, gripping the bed sheets. Soi complied, and moved her fingers faster and harder, searching for Yoruichi’s G-spot. She knew she had found it when Yoruichi inhaled sharply and bucked her hips a little. She focused on that spot, rubbing it fast and hard, and then occupied her mouth with Yoruichi’s right breast. Yoruichi had been waiting for this for so long, and now that it was happening, she didn’t know what to do. She just lay there and let Soi suck her nipples and finger her, enjoying every second of it. Soi began to roll Yoruichi’s nipples with her tongue, eliciting long moans of pleasure. …to be continued!

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