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Bleach xxx story part 7: The Reunion

I showed you how to change the dressing, right? ” to which Soi just nodded, “Good, then I leave her in your care. “”I’m so sorry! I woke up late! ” worried Soi, as she burst in Yoruichi’s room, making her jump painfully, and out of sleep. “Lay down so I can do this. I’m already late,” she commanded, laying Yoruichi down herself. She began unwrapping the bandage on Yoruichi’s chest, and her hand brushed up against her breasts, making her blush. “Oh, you know I don’t mind that,” said Yoruichi seductively. She had actually made a subtle movement into Soi’s hand. She’d wanted it for so long, she couldn’t wait. The Goddess leaned up, somewhat painfully, and kissed her Little Bee on the lips, wrapping her arm around her waist and pulling her down on the bed in a sitting position. “Yoruichi… ” started Soi, but it was no use. Her body wouldn’t let her rebel, even though her mind wanted to run. She hadn’t expected to kiss her again this soon. She’d only been back for two weeks. “What? ” asked Yoruichi, not wanting to stop the kiss for any longer than was necessary. “I love you,” said Soi, and wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck, kissing her deeply. Yoruichi laid down, brining Soi with her. They both lay there, side by side, kissing more passionately than ever. …to be continued!

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