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Bleach xxx story part 3: The Reunion

“There’s a Menos in the real world? Me? Yoruichi!? ” she said, with absolute loathing in her voice. “There’s a Menos in the real world. They want me to take care of it, and bring you along,” she recounted, but seeing the happy look on the Shihouin woman’s face added: “Don’t get any ideas. Now let’s go. “Yoruichi, without a Zanpakutoh, was actually having a hard time fighting this Menos. ‘It’s a Vasto Lorde. What’s one of them doing here? ‘ she thought, barely dodging a blow from it. She rushed in, laying countless punches and kicks on the Hollow, with seemingly no effect. “That’s obviously not working,” scolded Soi, drawing her Zanpakutoh and slashing at the monster, with the same effect. “What the hell? ” she exclaimed, now out of ideas. Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Yoruichi drop. She’d been hit by the Menos, unable to dodge it, which was only a testament of its strength and speed. The Chinese woman rushed to the Shihouin princess, kneeling beside her. She put her hand on her side to check if she was breathing, and was repulsed when she pulled it back covered in blood. She then saw the full extent of Yoruichi’s injuries. She had been slashed across the chest, with such force it had knocked her backwards. There was a pool of her blood surrounding her. “Little… Bee. I… love… …to be continued!

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