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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 27

Nel convinced Rukia to play some of the card games she learned during her extended trip. The problem with that was they were all gambling games and Rukia ended up dropping quite a bit of cash. Rukia was never one to give up without a fight, though, and continued on in the hopes of winning. She never did.

“So,” Nel said after they had been playing for a couple of hours or so, “What exactly am I doing here, Ruki-chan? I know you said it’s about Ichigo but you didn’t even know we were friends, so I’m a bit confused.”

Rukia looked away uncomfortably and fidgeted in her seat a moment before answering, “Well, it was about Ichigo but I think I’ve changed my mind.”

Nel leaned forward with interest, “Changed your mind about what, exactly?”

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Bleach hentai: Mine

Chapter 29

Aizen Sosuke was happily dining on a most succulent blood meal when he was rudely interrupted, “This had better be good, Szayel.”

“You know that red-haired ruffian from the Kuchiki clan…their second in command?” At his master’s nod, Szayel continued, “Well, he’s downstairs right now begging to see you.”

Sosuke looked contemplative and tapped a finger on his chin, “Is he now?” Having just recently replied to the missive from Kuchiki Byakuya regarding the betrothal of their children, Sosuke was curious as to why the Soudaishou would send his second. “Send him to my study and then,” He snapped the neck of the girl he was feeding from, “Clean up this mess.”

The effeminate man grimaced in distaste but bowed lowly to his lord, “Hai, Aizen-sama.”

Sosuke dressed meticulously, making sure that his guest was left waiting an inordinately long amount of time. When he was satisfied with his appearance, and the wait time, he made his way down to the first floor study where he normally held small meetings. When he entered the room, the red-haired man rose from his chair and bowed respectfully. Sosuke was surprised to see that the second to Kuchiki Byakuya was ragged, filthy, and looked as though he’d been recently beaten. Intrigued, he sat behind his desk and nodded to the young man, “Abarai-san, please forgive me for stating the obvious but, you look like you might fall down at any moment-please, sit.”

“Thank you, Aizen-sama, and please forgive me for appearing in your home in such a state but this is part of the reason that I’m here.”

Aizen Sosuke was no fool. It was obvious that this vile creature was no longer Continue reading

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Hentai stories from “Bleach”: Life as a captain isn’t easy – chapter 1

Six weeks have pasted since the war with Aizen and everyone’s life has returned to normal. All except Ichigo, after being practically forced into the captain’s seat of Aizen’s old division, he soon found out life, as a captain wasn’t as easy as Kenpachi made it out to be. Not only did he have to catch up on all the paperwork that hadn’t been done since Rukia’s rescue mission, he also had to learn demon magic and pick out a new vice-captain. After Rukia had shot him down saying something about taking over Renji’s position as sixth division lieutenant he was kinda out of options.

Then after spending almost a whole week hunting down a lieutenant he found a possible solution, but then Ukitake just had to go and throw a wrench in his plans. One of the surviving Espada from the war was to be appointed as his lieutenant. At first Ichigo had this horrible feeling that it would be Grimmjow or Ulquiorra, but that was impossible they were dead. But if his luck recently had any effect on his new lieutenant then he was almost one hundred percent sure it would be Grimmjow. But when the time had finally come to reveal his new vice-captain, it was surprisingly a Espada he had never even encountered before and it was anything but an it, (he would never admit it,) but it was a beautiful women. At first he was glad to have such a beautiful woman as his lieutenant, but soon he learnt the peril of having such a beautiful woman as his vice-captain and now for the first time he understood how Toushiro felt, how he really felt.

Well if he was honest Matsumoto had picked up on her duties as vice-captain of late; ever since th Continue reading

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