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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 12

The next several days went by like a blur for Ichigo. Each day, Ran and Rukia would take him to Kyoto for lunch and shopping (which he hated but it seemed to be the women’s favorite pastime). Ichigo’s mask of indifference during the day was slipping and he appeared to be losing his desperate battle to keep it firmly in place. He felt himself sliding further and further down a path that he knew would bring him nothing but ruin.

Each day he spent with her, Ichigo felt as though his insane affinity for her was growing by leaps and bounds. Although the sex was mind blowing and the best he’d ever had, the most problematic part of this situation was the fact that it wasn’t merely physical. The more he found out about Rukia, the more he actually liked her. From her keen wit to her surprisingly violent tendencies, everything about her was perfect to him-and absolutely fascinating. He’d never felt more than a passing interest in other women and the fact that he felt so strongly for a client bothered him as nothing else ever had. He was a pleasure slave-Shihoin Yoruichi’s pleasure slave-and as such he could never give in to what he was beginning to feel.

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