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Busty Retsu Unohana from “Bleach” always ready to let someone to lick her pussy!

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Here are a few Bleach characters that cannot suppress their overmastering lust for another second and get right down to their naughty pursuits!! How can you ever be tired of Bleach hentai A-list and action that will get all of your juices going make your lustyM. Baby-Maker ;) Retsu Unohana bitches but love to go hardcore with one another and to bring the best drawn sex than you could ever dream of!…

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Bleach Hentai: Mine – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Rangiku left her friend in Retsu’s capable hands and made her way to the room in which Ichigo was still confined. The only illumination in the spacious room was provided by her small candle, but it was more than enough for her sharp eyes to see every detail of the gorgeous man so enticingly bound to the bed. “Get the hell over it, idiot,” she whispered angrily to herself. Ran shook off the disturbing desires that plagued her whenever she was in the presence of this man and observed his unconscious form. He was breathing heavily; muscles tightly coiled and face twitching as though he was in the middle of a nightmare. She watched his obvious distress and felt pity climb its way into her heart. She wanted to hate him for what he did to her dearest friend, but she knew that was completely impossible. Ichigo had done some terrible things tonight but she knew that he was still a good person. When someone is given nothing but pain and heartache in their life, they will eventually reach a breaking point…now make that someone a demon and the potential for disaster increases astronomically. Tonight, Ichigo was dealt a crippling blow. He could have chosen a different way in which to deal with his pain, but Ran understood why he turned to the drugs. There are just some things in life that are best forgotten…and for Ichigo, tonight’s events definitely qualified. As Ran’s mind drifted to her own painful past, she didn’t notice the subtle movements of the man chained to the plush bed.

“What the hell?” Came Ichigo’s groggy voice. His words served to snap Ran out of her melancholy meanderings and she watched as he began to struggle against the Continue reading

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Hentai from “Bleach”: The Reunion

The sky was blue, there were no clouds in the sky, and the temperature
was perfect. It was a beautiful say in Soul Society. The trees outside
Seireitei rustled as Shihouin Yoruichi jumped from branch to branch. She
was not using Shunpo because she was searching for something, or rather

Just as she was about to give up, she heard a familiar sound. She heard
metal on metal, and a woman yelling. She moved closer, and saw the
Special Forces training under the person she was looking for. Soi Fong,
Captain of the second squad and leader of the Special Forces. Yoruichi
stood in the tree for a minute, listening to the voice that was stern,
but only she knew hid sweetness from the world. Tired of postponing what
she’d waited for over one hundred years, she jumped down amongst them
with cat-like grace.

When Yoruichi landed, there were whispers among the Special Forces, some
recognizing her and others asking who she was. Soi Fong stopped this
with a wave of her hand. “Leave us. I want to talk to her alone,” she
said coolly. The men immediately left, some tripping over each other in
their haste to leave, they could tell the Captain was angry. “What the
hell are you doing here?”

“I’ve come back, Little Bee.” Soi Fong was furious at being called by
her old nickname. The fact that Yoruichi had been the only person to
call her that only intensified her emotions.

“How dare you call me that!? You think you can just waltz Continue reading

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A bound Tatsuki in school uniform rages while Ichigo pulls down her panties and licks her ass…

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Bleach Cartoon Sex

This is Tier Hallibel and Nel Oderschwank of the TV series “Bleach”… and they love to fuck!
All the Bleach girls playing naked on a beach together!
Unohana poses wearing nothing but her opened captain’s robe!
There are some Bleach characters that cannot suppress an overwhelming will to fuck for another second and get right down to their naughty pursuits!! Yearning chick wants to feel hard black dick and pushed al the way down into her butt snatch, suck it off… Bleach sex personages are so fuck-starved that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places every day and using all the positions you know!

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Hentai of “Bleach”: Life as a captain isn’t easy – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Another one had left that made four this month alone. Sure he expected this, but since he had being appointed captain of the fifth division members had been leaving or transferring to other division. If it carried on at this rate in five months he’d be the only one left well him and her.

Ichigo threw his pen to the ground and stood up. That night was a mistake he shouldn’t have let it go so far. Honestly why couldn’t he just control himself. “I’m leaving for awhile.”

“…” no reply. It had been like this for the last week. She had said one word to him. But honestly it wasn’t his fault she came on to him right. He reached the door and gave her one quick glance she had moved at all. He slammed the door shut and made his way to the courtyard. It was the only place he could feel at peace. No paperwork, no constant nagging about captain duties that need to be complete by his third seat, but if he thought about at least his third seat actually spoke to him. And most importantly no silent treatment from his vice-captain.

Actually the whole thing infuriated him, he was pissed and she said those things and that damned Matsumoto, why did she always have to rub her bad habits off on everyone. Ichigo looked at the other members of his squad or what was left of them, they couldn’t even look at him, was it such a big deal that he could use that power or where they just scared of him.

He looked at the ground his eyebrows pulled together in that all too familiar scowl, his teeth grinding against each other. What did she mean he didn’t understand how she felt? He was alone too. Except for most of the captains and vice-captains no one could even look at him. He saved there lives for gods sake and this is the thank you he receives. “I don’t Continue reading

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