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Bleach Hentai Story: “Mine”

Chapter 20

A Dark Past

Edo, Spring 1788, Seireitei Underground Training Facility

The sound of metal clashing against metal was like an aphrodisiac to the dark-skinned woman observing the brutal training session. Yoruichi watched her young lover’s bare torso twist and flex as he parried each blow sent his way by the monstrous Kenpachi Zaraki. His tanned skin was coated with a fine sheen of sweat and Yoruichi couldn’t help but appreciate the way that skin played over his rapidly developing musculature. When Ichigo first came to Seireitei, he was thin but his muscles were strong and toned from defending his family. Now, little more than a year after being with Yoruichi, his body had undergone quite a transformation. If not for his innocent-looking face, she would have never guessed him to be fifteen.

Gods, how she loved watching him. It was like every move he made was intended to be provocative-even though she knew that wasn’t the case. Yoruichi didn’t know why, but everything about this boy screamed carnality. Without question, his looks were beyond exceptional, but she had seen many pretty boys come and go-he’s the only one who kept her attention. There was just something about this one that drew her inexorably to him…whatever that may be. The strange thing about it was the fact that he didn’t want any attention at all. When he first came to her, Ichigo was painfully shy and introverted. No matter how pleasurable he found the act to be, he would always try to avoid sex. Another odd thing about this shy, young man was his innate sexual prowess. Anything she taught him was performed with the skill of a man twice his age. As unwilling as he was to initiate sex with her, once he was into it…the boy was a mad fucking genius at it.

Since beginning his combat tra Continue reading

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