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Bleach Hentai: Mine – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Rangiku left her friend in Retsu’s capable hands and made her way to the room in which Ichigo was still confined. The only illumination in the spacious room was provided by her small candle, but it was more than enough for her sharp eyes to see every detail of the gorgeous man so enticingly bound to the bed. “Get the hell over it, idiot,” she whispered angrily to herself. Ran shook off the disturbing desires that plagued her whenever she was in the presence of this man and observed his unconscious form. He was breathing heavily; muscles tightly coiled and face twitching as though he was in the middle of a nightmare. She watched his obvious distress and felt pity climb its way into her heart. She wanted to hate him for what he did to her dearest friend, but she knew that was completely impossible. Ichigo had done some terrible things tonight but she knew that he was still a good person. When someone is given nothing but pain and heartache in their life, they will eventually reach a breaking point…now make that someone a demon and the potential for disaster increases astronomically. Tonight, Ichigo was dealt a crippling blow. He could have chosen a different way in which to deal with his pain, but Ran understood why he turned to the drugs. There are just some things in life that are best forgotten…and for Ichigo, tonight’s events definitely qualified. As Ran’s mind drifted to her own painful past, she didn’t notice the subtle movements of the man chained to the plush bed.

“What the hell?” Came Ichigo’s groggy voice. His words served to snap Ran out of her melancholy meanderings and she watched as he began to struggle against the Continue reading

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Bleach hentai story: “Mine” chapter 19

Chapter 19

Ichigo jerked awake with the distinct feeling that he was being watched. That was a feeling that never failed to unnerve him. Since he hit puberty, people always watched him and after Yoruichi’s grooming, it was something he dealt with on a constant basis. His sudden movement awakened Rukia from her satisfied slumber, “Are you alright?” she asked groggily. Ichigo shook off his paranoia and grinned at her adorable, sleep-rumpled appearance, “I’m fine, aijin…how are you?” Her reply was to collapse back onto his strong shoulder and promptly close her eyes again.

After a minute of watching her breathe, Ichigo interrupted her repose, “Rukia,” he said softly. “Mmmm?” she replied. “I love you, but…” Her eyes shot open at those unexpected words, “But what, Kurosaki?” She asked in a huff. He frowned a bit but said nothing which only served to increase her anxiety. He finally decided to put her out of her misery, “But…my arm is completely numb and I’m afraid you wouldn’t like me if I had only one arm.”

“Bastard!” Rukia shrieked and elbowed him hard in the ribs, “You had me worried!” Ichigo just chuckled and rubbed his sore ribs while they both sat up and went about getting dressed. When they were both finished, Ichigo pulled Rukia close and inhaled her fresh scent, “I wish we could stay here forever…”

Rukia gasped and raised panicked eyes to his, “Oh no, we have to go!”

Ichigo looked completely confused by her 180, “Why?” he asked, truly puzzled.

“Because, your sisters will be at the villa soon…I sent Ran to help them pack and move over here and we’ve alre Continue reading

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Bleach Hentai Story: “Mine”

Chapter 20

A Dark Past

Edo, Spring 1788, Seireitei Underground Training Facility

The sound of metal clashing against metal was like an aphrodisiac to the dark-skinned woman observing the brutal training session. Yoruichi watched her young lover’s bare torso twist and flex as he parried each blow sent his way by the monstrous Kenpachi Zaraki. His tanned skin was coated with a fine sheen of sweat and Yoruichi couldn’t help but appreciate the way that skin played over his rapidly developing musculature. When Ichigo first came to Seireitei, he was thin but his muscles were strong and toned from defending his family. Now, little more than a year after being with Yoruichi, his body had undergone quite a transformation. If not for his innocent-looking face, she would have never guessed him to be fifteen.

Gods, how she loved watching him. It was like every move he made was intended to be provocative-even though she knew that wasn’t the case. Yoruichi didn’t know why, but everything about this boy screamed carnality. Without question, his looks were beyond exceptional, but she had seen many pretty boys come and go-he’s the only one who kept her attention. There was just something about this one that drew her inexorably to him…whatever that may be. The strange thing about it was the fact that he didn’t want any attention at all. When he first came to her, Ichigo was painfully shy and introverted. No matter how pleasurable he found the act to be, he would always try to avoid sex. Another odd thing about this shy, young man was his innate sexual prowess. Anything she taught him was performed with the skill of a man twice his age. As unwilling as he was to initiate sex with her, once he was into it…the boy was a mad fucking genius at it.

Since beginning his combat tra Continue reading

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Bleach hentai: Mine – Chapter 21

Chapter 21

As Yoruichi struggled against Ichigo, his iron grip around her slender throat tightened convulsively. “How does it feel, bitch?” His black and yellow gaze bored into hers, “How does it feel to be at the mercy of someone stronger than you?” Her only response was to claw at his muscled arm while she fought for precious air. “How many other boys did you let him fucking destroy, hmmm? Not that it matters, you treacherous bitch, one was enough.”

Ichigo smirked at her feeble attempts as he pulled her away from the wall and brought her closer to his body. His grip slacked enough for her to drag in a ragged breath, “That’s right…breathe you sick fucking whore,” he whispered into her ear, “Breath and stay alive so that you can feel the pain.” Before she could blink, Ichigo repeatedly slammed her smaller frame into the hard floor. As he knelt next to the groaning woman, his grip on her throat slackened again. “Awww, Yorui-chan…did that hurt?” His expression full of mock concern, he caressed her rapidly bruising neck. “So fuckin sorry bout that…I haven’t really been myself lately,” he said with a smirk.

Blood was oozing out of the dazed woman’s skull, nose, and mouth and Ichigo felt his senses sharpen at the smell of it. He suddenly had the intense urge to drain this bitch dry and that thought served to shock him out of his destructive mind frame. He released her throat as though it burned him and looked down at his hands in horror. “What the hell am I doing? This isn’t me…this isn’t fucking me,” he whispered to himself.

As sanity returned to the crazed young demon’s eyes, he stood and backed quickly away. He looked toward Rukia with something akin to panic in his eyes, “Please…get her out of here before I…” His voice broke and he turned away from Continue reading

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Bleach hentai: Mine – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

~~Ichigo was poised above Rukia, looking lovingly into her beautiful face. As he entered her slowly, feeling every inch of her sheathe contract with pleasure, he felt such peace. Never before had he felt so complete…so loved. The pleasure becoming too intense for his leisurely pace, Ichigo ran his hand down her thigh, behind her knee, as he began sliding faster, deeper, and harder into her willing body. His mouth went unerringly to her breasts as his skillful tongue worked its magic on her. “AAAAhhhhh…Ichigo,” Rukia screamed as her orgasm tore through her.

As he felt her walls clamp around his rigid length, Ichigo squeezed his eyes tightly shut in an effort to gain control over his unruly body. It was deeply ingrained in him that a woman should experience more than one orgasm during sex, therefore letting his passion have free reign was difficult to do…Once a whore, always a whore, he supposed. She just wouldn’t stop milking his cock and it was making him a little insane.

When he opened his eyes to tell her to stop moving, Rukia was gone and in her place was Yoruichi. “What the…? Why the hell are you here?” Ichigo yelled in outrage. Yoruichi only smiled her oddly cat-like grin as she rolled her hips, taking him deeper inside. Ichigo hissed at the pleasure it brought him but tried to extricate himself from her grasp. He didn’t want this…he didn’t want her. He almost pulled all the way out of her body only to find that he was chained tightly to the bed and couldn’t move any further. Yoruichi said nothing but her smile widened a bit.

As he struggled against his bondage, Ichigo felt Continue reading

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Bleach hentai: Mine – Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Ichigo awoke actually feeling refreshed for the first time in a while. He didn’t know why his mind finally decided to cut him a break and not dream, but he was certainly grateful because of it. He stretched his arms and torso and roughly shook the sleeping midget at his side, “Oi, Rukia…wake your sweet ass up!”

One murderous blue eye cracked open and looked at the wide-awake imbecile before slamming shut once more.

“Awww, come on baby…don’t be like that,” He climbed on his knees and began bouncing up and down like an excited toddler, “Wakey, wakey!”

“I-chi-goooo,” Rukia shrieked in rage, “Leave me the hell alone you abnormally happy idiot! If you wanted to wake me up, you should have done it sensually…not like a TWO YEAR OLD!” With that wail, Rukia yanked the covers over her head and turned away from her lover/current bane of her existence.

Ichigo smirked but settled down immediately. “Forgive me, aijin,” he purred while running his hand across her blanketed silhouette. Rukia sighed in contentment at his treatment and Ichigo slowly pulled the blanket down to her waist. He rested his head on his hand as he lazily stroked her soft skin. “Is this better?” He asked with a sweet smile.

“Yes…much better, thank you,” Rukia said with a satisfied sigh.

“Good,” he said with a wicked grin, “Maybe you won’t kill me for doing this…” Thus a supreme tickle-fest immediately commenced. Ichigo started out strong, but the victory eventually went to the small and supremely fast, Rukia. At the end of it, both of them were panting-completely exhausted from laughin Continue reading

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Bleach Hentai: Mine

Chapter 25

Ichigo spent a few more hours practicing going into and out of his demon state. In addition to the change itself, Rukia had him do quite a bit of sonido training. As good as it felt to be able to control every part of his mind and body, the training was not without cost-Ichigo was mentally drained on top of being bone weary. Sweat poured down his shirtless body (they had long since given up the search for that elusive item of clothing) as the two of them slowly made their way from the training area back to the house.

Rukia was in much better shape since she was working in the role of drill sergeant and Ichigo was the one actually running all of the ‘drills’. She was humming a light tune while thinking back on the successes of the day…among other things. As they neared the villa, Rukia caught sight of a bright white head of her mentor and friend, Ukitake Soudaishou, and smiled with delight…until she saw his companion. Aizen Ulquiorra.

What the FUCK is he doing here? She thought furiously while trying to organize her chaotic mind. It’s too early…I’m not prepared! I’m not ready to see him and they’ve already seen us so there is no way I can hide Ichigo…SHIT! She had really been enjoying their time together and she certainly didn’t want this ruse to begin so soon. Rukia raised a shaky hand in polite greeting, knowing the sharp eyed demons could see her but thanking her lucky stars that they weren’t in hearing range yet. How in holy hell am I supposed to work this? Think. Think. THINK YOU SLOW-MINDED FOOL!

Then, all of a sudden, she knew what she had to do…even though she didn’t want to. Otousama chose me to help them for two reasons, 1) Ulquiorra wants to marr Continue reading

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Bleach Hentai: Mine

Chapter 27

Nel convinced Rukia to play some of the card games she learned during her extended trip. The problem with that was they were all gambling games and Rukia ended up dropping quite a bit of cash. Rukia was never one to give up without a fight, though, and continued on in the hopes of winning. She never did.

“So,” Nel said after they had been playing for a couple of hours or so, “What exactly am I doing here, Ruki-chan? I know you said it’s about Ichigo but you didn’t even know we were friends, so I’m a bit confused.”

Rukia looked away uncomfortably and fidgeted in her seat a moment before answering, “Well, it was about Ichigo but I think I’ve changed my mind.”

Nel leaned forward with interest, “Changed your mind about what, exactly?”

“Well, I know how good you are with tattoo art and I was going to ask you to give him a new one, but like I said, I think maybe it was a bad idea.”

“Why did you want him to get another tattoo?” Nel was curious to see if her theory was correct so she slyly spoke, “That dragon Yoruichi gave him is pretty damn awesome, Rukia.” When the younger demon’s face became suffused with rage, Nel knew she had hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

“I want him to know that I’m different from her. That fucking bitch had no right to mark him like that! You have no idea what that dragon means!” Rukia was practically growling.

Nel looked suspiciously at Rukia, “Do you kn Continue reading

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