These girls from “Bleach” will show you what means lesbian love triangle…

Sex Bleach Anime

Bleach heroes simply cannot quit with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that go mad for each other and for their perverse sexual fantasies. gives you undeniable access safe and improved sex and for everybody including the ladies . I’ve always dreamed to see the Bleach XXX babes who crave for cocks 24/7 most of all ;)

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  1. Tranny Treat says:

    They had known each other for years. Even though it had taken time and even though Ishida hadn’t gotten to know Orihime until recently, he had always been observant enough to notice her. He had noticed several things about her– her sewing, her smile, her odd taste in food, her eccentric personality, and… well. What everybody else noticed. Of course Ishida had noticed that she was well-endowed. But this wasn’t what he’d had in mind. Orihime’s face was a picture of concentration as she moved her fingers inside him, her other hand running slowly over the slick head of her cock. If it had been any other situation he might have smiled at the expression, but the steady brush of her fingertips over his prostate was too much of a distraction, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of the large, hard erection between her legs. He also noticed that her balls were sort of uneven, the left one was hanging a bit lower than the right. He couldn’t even think of asking about it; Orihime had said nothing, hadn’t even warned him before getting to this stage, and now didn’t seem like the time for him to be asking questions. “Is Uryū-kun ready?” Orihime asked, looking up at him with a smile. He wanted to answer her so badly, but his voice seemed caught in his throat; instead, he nodded silently. Slowly, she drew his legs over her shoulders and positioned herself so that the tip of her cock was pressing against him. Ishida moaned with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, and Orihime pushed into him. She was big, bigger than he was, and Ishida was glad for Orihime’s gentleness as she slowly rocked her hips, pushing into him a little further with each movement. Moaning and biting down on her bottom lip, she curled her fingers around his cock and stroked in time with her deepening thrusts. Ishida closed his eyes and let out a noise, almost a word but not quite, as she brushed against his prostate again. “Orihime…” he breathed, “I don’t think I can last–” Another thrust, deep and slow, and he cut off with a hiss. “It’s okay.” Orihime smiled down at him and gave him a quick, open-mouthed kiss. “As long as Uryū-kun feels good, I don’t mind.” At her words Ishida felt his body tense, his thighs shaking as he pulled her close and came. It was only a few seconds before Orihime followed, letting out a cry and cumming in Ishida’s ass. “Wow, you’re still hard as stone even after I fucked your ass and made you squirt your cum!”said Orihime as she continued to stroke Uryū’s dick. “Do you want to fuck me now?” she asked. “Yes, I want to fuck your ass now!” said Uryū. Orihime then removed her cock from his ass and got on all fours on the floor in front of Uryū, then she spread her ass cheeks wide apart with her hands. Uryū spat on her asshole and smeared it all around. he got in a finger and started messaging the inside of her ass. “Hmmmm, that’s nice!” cooed Orihime. Uryū put in another finger and violently started pumping her ass with his fingers. “Oh god yes, put it in, put it in!, I can’t wait any longer!”
    “Do you want this?” Uryū said pointing at his hard as stone cock “I think it is a little dry.” he said. Orihime spat on his dick at stroked it, then she got back in her position and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Uryū placed his cock against her asshole and merely nudged it. “Don’t tease me!” she said. without any warning, he plunged his cock to the hilt in one stroke, deep within her ass. “Oh god!” Orihime said. *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* the sounds filled the air as Uryū violently fucked Orhime’s ass with his balls slapping agaist hers.”Yes, just like that, ahh, fuck me!” He grabbed her tits and squeezed them tight. *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*
    he pulled his dick out and stood up, then Orihime knelt in front of him. She sniffed his dick reeking of her ass “Hmmmmm!” she cooed. She then opened her mouth wide. Uryū shoved his dick all the way down her throat and fucked it so hard, she started gagging he grabbed her hair and pulled it up. *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* the sound of her forehead hitting his stomach. “I’m cumming, take it all, you fucking tranny slut! “Hmmm….arghhh!” shouted Uryū. Uryū spurted jets and jets of hot warm jizz down her throat, right into her stomach. “Aaaarghhh!” he moaned as he came hard for a full 20 mins[thats a Quincy for you]
    he pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth then patted her cheek. “Good girl, good girl!”
    Orihime looked up into his eyes, her angelic face gleaming as cum dribbled out of her mouth and onto her gigantic breasts and cock.

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