Bleach sex story part 9: Better Left Unsaid

Is Yoruichi-sama angry at me about something? She couldn’t imagine what it was, but then, she probably did a million things every day that irritated the Captain. Yoruichi seemed to be somewhat tense around her these days, as if Soi’s very presence was an abberation to her. She couldn’t say she blamed Yoruichi if that was the case– someone as strong and beautiful as her had no buisness hanging around someone so unremarkable. Even so, it had made her glad to hear Yoruichi say that she wasn’t in love with Urahara, and not only that, tonight had been the most time she’d spent with the Goddess alone. She was still smiling at the thought when she felt herself nod off, then woke up just enough to pull herself out of the calming pool and slip on a simple aquamarine yukata, reminiscing to when Yoruichi had given it to her as she pulled on the silk robe. Yoruichi said it was a late Christmas gift, leaving Soi embarrassed about the meager one she’d bestowed upon her sempai. Normally her pride would’ve never let her accept such a beautiful thing, but for Yoruichi, she’d made an exception. There was rarely a night when she didn’t wear it to bed. Soi reached her room in the Shihouin palace a few hours to midnight, yawning as she quietly slid the door open. …to be continued!

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