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Bleach Hentai: Mine – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Rangiku left her friend in Retsu's capable hands and made her way to the room in which Ichigo was still confined. The only illumination in the spacious room was provided by her small candle, but it was more than enough for her sharp eyes to see every detail of the gorgeous man so enticingly bound to the bed. "Get the hell over it, idiot," she whispered angrily to herself. Ran shook off the disturbing desires that plagued her whenever she was in the presence of this man and observed his unconscious form. He was breathing heavily; muscles tightly coiled and face twitching as though he was in the middle of a nightmare. She watched his obvious distress and felt pity climb its way into her heart. She wanted to hate him for what he did to her dearest friend, but she knew that was completely impossible. Ichigo had done some terrible things tonight but she knew that he was still a good person. When someone is given nothing but pain and heartache in their life, they will eventually reach a breaking make that someone a demon and the potential for disaster increases astronomically. Tonight, Ichigo was dealt a crippling blow. He could have chosen a different way in which to deal with his pain, but Ran understood why he turned to the drugs. There are just some things in life that are best forgotten...and for Ichigo, tonight's events definitely qualified. As Ran's mind drifted to her own painful past, she didn't notice the subtle movements of the man chained to the plush bed.

"What the hell?" Came Ichigo's groggy voice. His words served to snap Ran out of her melancholy meanderings and she watched as he began to struggle against the manacles that held his strong arms stretched above his head and his feet were nearly immobilized. Ichigo was so preoccupied with his current predicament that he didn't immediately notice Ran's presence. She watched him fight furiously against the unforgiving metal and blood began to run down his forearms. The sheet that had been covering his nude body slipped dangerously low on his hips and Ran figured she should make her presence known before his accidentally provocative actions drove her insane.

"Ichigo," she said softly, "Stop struggling so hard. Those chains are fortified and there's no way you're getting loose until we let you go." Angry eyes rose to meet hers and stayed trained unerringly on her face as she finished speaking. Ran was disappointed to see that they weren't the warm, amber eyes she found to be so beautiful...these were the cold, merciless eyes of a killer.

"So I guess I have you to thank for these chains and this pounding fuckin' headache?" Ran looked away guiltily and nodded, "I'm sorry Ichi, I didn't want to but I had no were really hurting her."

"Che," he scoffed, "Yeah right. You coulda just left me the hell alone to finish what I started with that little slut." The outraged blonde gave him a swift right hook to the jaw, "Don't talk about her like that," she said between gritted teeth. When Ichigo turned his face back to her, he looked her dead in the eyes and slowly licked the blood from the corner of his lips. When he saw her lips part and eyes darken with desire, a sensual smile appeared on his face, "Wanna taste?" He asked playfully. Ran swallowed hard and licked her own dry lips. "I-Ichigo," she stuttered, "You've got to stop doing this."

"Stop doing what?" He asked innocently while flexing the hard muscles of his arms and torso. Matsumoto Rangiku had many fine qualities; unfortunately, self-restraint was not one of them. Ichigo smirked as the buxom blonde quickly straddled his belly. Her lips hovered above his for a moment before her pink tongue darted out to taste the blood at the corner of his grinning lips. Her eyes closed of their own accord as the taste of him washed over her. When her eyes opened again, onyx had replaced the lovely blue. Just as she was about to devour his lips, a disapproving voice called out, "Rangiku! What do you think you're doing?"

Ran's shocked gaze flew to the doorway and Ichigo rolled his eyes and groaned in frustration. Mutterings of 'fuckin' cock blocker' could be heard as Unohana Retsu walked into the room and shut the door softly behind her. "Welcome to the party, Doc," Ichigo drawled insolently.

"Get off of him now, Rangiku," Retsu said with hard eyes. Ran reluctantly climbed off of the fiery-haired creature and backed slowly away from temptation. "He belongs to your best friend...who happens to be lying in her room in pain from what this boy has done to her. Do you really want to lose her over a tryst with him?"

Ichigo looked contemplative for a moment, "Ya know, if I wasn't locked up right now I could put that little bitch out of her misery for ya-after I'm done torturing her, of course. Now, why dontcha come over here and I'll show ya how much of a boy I am...that is, if you're not too scared," he sneered. One second Retsu was standing near the door and the next; she was the one straddling Ichigo. Her claws were digging painfully into his throat and her black eyes were staring down at him malevolently, "There are more frightening things in this world than you, boy," she hissed.

Ichigo's eyes narrowed but the smirk never left his face. "Well, well, seems like I'm surrounded by scary women...and I find that very fuckin hot." Retsu regained her composure in the face of his challenging glare and released the hold she had on him. Ran licked her lips and walked unconsciously toward Ichigo as blood dripped down his neck. "Rangiku! Get control of yourself right now or get out," Retsu growled.

Rangiku wisely decided that discretion was the better part of valor, "Sorry, Retsu, I'm gonna go check on Rukia."

"Che...coward," Whispered Ichigo. Once Rangiku left the room, Retsu turned back to the demonic male lying chained on the bed, "She's gone so you can drop the sex-starved act." Ichigo just grinned at her in response. "Have you no remorse for what you've done to Rukia?"

Ichigo's eyes hardened instantly and his smile disappeared. His voice deepened with the rage that still coursed through his veins, "Remorse? You expect me to feel bad about what I did to that deceitful..." Ichigo didn't finish but instead gritted his teeth in anger and leveled a serious stare at Retsu, "Do you have any idea what she did to me? Do you know what she said to my little sisters? The disgusting words she used to describe the brother they loved?" As his voice broke, Ichigo looked quickly away, not wanting the pain he felt to be noticed by the older woman. "She didn't get a fraction of the pain she deserved," he said as he pulled harshly against the chains, "As soon as I'm free, that bitch is going to pay for what she did," he declared grimly.

Unohana Retsu was a very perceptive woman and she saw the deep hurt that he was trying desperately to conceal. Even in his demon form, this young man's pain was a palpable thing and she could not help but feel it. "Ichigo, I'm well aware of what she did to you and it was...horrible. She told me about every hateful word she said but you can't use that as an excuse to lose yourself." She saw him pause in his struggle, "You're a good man in spite of what you've done. I understand why you turned to the drugs and that because of them, you're not yourself. Rukia is very, very sorry for what she's done and she feels terrible for causing you such pain..."

"She's sorry?" Ichigo interrupted softly, "She's fucking sorry? Do you honestly think I care? That miserable bitch can rot in HELL!" Ichigo screamed in rage and renewed his efforts to break free of his chains. "I'll kill her! I'll rip her fucking heart out and shove it down her throat just like she did to me!"

Retsu watched Ichigo's anger build and she was very worried that he would break the chains. She jumped on top of his writhing body and laid her hand against his thrashing head. She poured her demon magic, kidou, into him in an attempt to put him into a deep sleep. She had done this for Rukia once before when she was an out of control newborn and it worked then-she could only hope it worked for this powerful child. "Shhh," she spoke soothingly to the distraught boy, "Calm yourself, Ichigo. It's going to be alright...shhhh."

Ichigo's furious movements lessened as Retsu's kidou began taking effect. When he opened his eyes, the tortured expression in them shot straight into Retsu's heart. "Your hands are my mother's were. Did you know I had a mother?" Ichigo asked quietly, his struggles ceasing entirely.

Retsu kept pouring kidou into the boy but now she ran her hands soothingly through his silky hair, "Everyone has a mother, Ichigo."

Ichigo kept talking as though Retsu never spoke, "My mother was the most beautiful woman in the whole world and she loved me more than anyone ever has." Ichigo's black and yellow eyes were glazed over as though he was in a dream, "She would pick me up and hold me close and tell me how much she loved me." A small smile appeared on his beautiful mouth, "Whenever my dad and sisters weren't around, she would whisper to me that I was her favorite but I couldn't tell anyone and she'd cuddle me and tickle me until we were both laughing so hard...and then, one day, she was just gone." Retsu watched the pain and confusion cloud his features once more as his painful past intruded upon his solace, "I tried to stop them but I couldn't..." He looked up at Retsu with those glazed eyes like he was trying to make her understand, "He was hurting her and I tried to get him off of her but he wouldn't stop. She was crying and screaming and telling me to run away but I couldn't. I hit him as hard as I could but he just laughed and threw me to the ground. I was knocked out and when I woke kaa-chan was gone. They were both gone and I was alone..." His voice broke and he looked away from Retsu's pitying gaze, "I hated those men...I hated any man who could hurt a woman like that and when I grew up, I was so proud that I wasn't like that...but now, I am. Now I'm the monster who hurts women." He looked at Retsu once more and if she ever thought a demon couldn't feel shame, she was wrong. She had never seen anyone more ashamed than Ichigo was right now. "I loved her, you know...and I-I hurt her...she was begging me and I didn't stop." His lids drifted shut as the kidou pervaded his mind and the last thing Retsu heard was a whispered, "Rukia."


Retsu sat heavily in the chair next to Rukia's bed and watched the sleeping young woman. Rangiku was reclining on the nearby chaise, "Sooo...ummm..." She began shakily.

"Just don't, Ran" Retsu said tiredly, "Forget it ever happened and so will I." Ran nodded and gulped but didn't say another word.

Rukia's eyes opened and she smirked slightly when she saw her two friends hovering nearby. "You'd think I died or something the way you two are moping around." Retsu smiled at her, "How are you feeling, dear?"

"I'm fine...your healing kidou has always been phenomenal-Not a bit of pain." Rukia sat up with her back against the headboard and looked down at her entwined fingers, "So, did you check on Ichigo like I asked?" Retsu nodded slightly, "I did."

"How is he?" The young demon asked quietly.

"Not good, Rukia...He was still under the influence of the Eros when I went in and he...well, he became very agitated when I mentioned you. I was afraid he was going to break free so I forced him into a deep sleep. He won't wake up for several hours and by then-hopefully all of the drugs will be out of his system."

Rukia closed her eyes and sighed, "I can't believe I did this to him...he's never going to forgive me."

"I don't know about that, can't just turn off your feelings just because someone hurts you so I'm sure he still loves you. Where there is love...there must be forgiveness." Retsu noticed the determined glint in Rukia's sapphire eyes, "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"I'm going to do the only thing I can...I'm going to tell him that I'm a demon-just like he is-and then I'm going to do everything in my power to prove to him that I'm sorry."

"Rangiku," Rukia barked, "I need you to go to Karakura and collect Ichigo's sisters, Karin and Yuzu, and bring them to their new apartment."

"But I thought since you...well, since you told them that..." Ran stuttered.

"Well, you thought wrong! I can't make up for what I've done if they stay in Karakura. I have to face what I've done and as soon as Ichigo wakes up...I'll face him too."


"Abarai Renji," The cold, stoic voice of Kuchiki Byakuya rang out, "You had the utter temerity to strike my daughter and then you attacked her consort for defending her. Is this true?"

Renji was chained to the moist wall of the Kuchiki dungeon as he had been for the past few days. He had been given nothing to eat or drink and was simply left to contemplate what his soudaishou would do to him. When the man finally entered his dank cell, Renji felt ice cold fear shoot down his spine. "Answer me, Renji...did you do the things you stand accused of?"

"H-hai, Kuchiki-soudaishou-When I saw her defending that brat, I sort of lost it. I immediately regretted it and I know I deserved the beating her boy to- errr, her consort gave me." The red-haired man hung his head in shame.

"You did indeed deserve a beating but tell me, how was a human able to inflict so much damage on my second in command?" Byakuya asked with real interest.

Renji looked away from his master, "He is no human, Kuchiki-sama...I've never seen a demon with eyes like his, but I don't know what else he could be. He was insanely strong and he definitely had the viciousness of our kind." Byakuya turned his back to the pitiful creature on the wall as he thought about this news. "Renji," Said man jumped as if he'd been slapped, "You are hereby stripped of your position as fukutaicho and you are no longer a member of the Kuchiki clan. When you leave here today, I wish to never see your weak, cowardly face again and if I do, I will do you the courtesy of removing your head from your neck." Byakuya leveled a cold stare on the broken man, "Do I make myself clear?"

"Hai, Kuchiki-sama," Renji replied quietly.

"Excellent. Kensei...come in here please." Renji's heart dropped at the mention of that name. Kensei was a large, dangerous man...and he hated Renji. "Could you please show Renji what happens when a member of my clan shames himself by striking a woman and then being defeated in battle...without killing him?"

The blood-thirsty grin on the man's face was answer enough. Byakuya left Renji in the capable hands of his most talented interrogator and walked out of the dungeon. As he made his way up the stone steps, he could hear the shrill screams of his former fukutaicho. Serves him right for hitting MY daughter, Bya Bya thought to himself. Even though the punishment was harsh, he knew he was doing Renji a kindness by not telling Hisana about this...she would've really tortured the fact, the word man could no longer apply if you didn't have genitalia. Byakuya shuddered at that thought and renewed his vow to never make his wife very angry.

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Hentai from “Bleach”: The Reunion

The sky was blue, there were no clouds in the sky, and the temperature
was perfect. It was a beautiful say in Soul Society. The trees outside
Seireitei rustled as Shihouin Yoruichi jumped from branch to branch. She
was not using Shunpo because she was searching for something, or rather

Just as she was about to give up, she heard a familiar sound. She heard
metal on metal, and a woman yelling. She moved closer, and saw the
Special Forces training under the person she was looking for. Soi Fong,
Captain of the second squad and leader of the Special Forces. Yoruichi
stood in the tree for a minute, listening to the voice that was stern,
but only she knew hid sweetness from the world. Tired of postponing what
she'd waited for over one hundred years, she jumped down amongst them
with cat-like grace.

When Yoruichi landed, there were whispers among the Special Forces, some
recognizing her and others asking who she was. Soi Fong stopped this
with a wave of her hand. "Leave us. I want to talk to her alone," she
said coolly. The men immediately left, some tripping over each other in
their haste to leave, they could tell the Captain was angry. "What the
hell are you doing here?"

"I've come back, Little Bee." Soi Fong was furious at being called by
her old nickname. The fact that Yoruichi had been the only person to
call her that only intensified her emotions.

"How dare you call me that!? You think you can just waltz back in here
and everything will be alright? I can't believe you!"

"I had a reason to go, Soi, please believe me," explained Yoruichi,
tears brimming in her eyes.

"What reason could you possibly have to abandon me after that night? You
completely destroyed me, Yoruichi! When I woke up and discovered you
gone, I searched all of Soul Society for you. When I heard an
announcement that you and Urahara," she said the man's name with venom
dripping off her voice, "had left, I knew you weren't coming back. I
knew my only chance for love and happiness had left me, and I knew why,"
as she said all this, she didn't notice the look of pain on Yoruichi's

"Soi, I..."

"NO!!!" screamed Soi, cutting Yoruichi off. "You only did that with me
to make me feel better! You never loved me, you just didn't want me to
feel so bad and confused when you left! You wanted to me have some
childish hope that you would return to me!" Soi was in a blind rage now,
not even realizing what she was saying, releasing emotions she'd kept
bottled up for over one hundred years.

"Soi, just please let me exp-"

"I SAID NO!!! I don't want to hear anymore of your lies. I just want you
to leave me alone, and never show you face again. I ha-" but she was cut
off as well, by a hell butterfly. "There's a Menos in the real world?
Me? Yoruichi!?" she said, with absolute loathing in her voice. "There's
a Menos in the real world. They want me to take care of it, and bring
you along," she recounted, but seeing the happy look on the Shihouin
woman's face added: "Don't get any ideas. Now let's go."

Yoruichi, without a Zanpakutoh, was actually having a hard time fighting
this Menos. ‘It's a Vasto Lorde. What's one of them doing here?' she
thought, barely dodging a blow from it. She rushed in, laying countless
punches and kicks on the Hollow, with seemingly no effect.

"That's obviously not working," scolded Soi, drawing her Zanpakutoh and
slashing at the monster, with the same effect. "What the hell?" she
exclaimed, now out of ideas. Just then, out of the corner of her eye,
she saw Yoruichi drop. She'd been hit by the Menos, unable to dodge it,
which was only a testament of its strength and speed. The Chinese woman
rushed to the Shihouin princess, kneeling beside her. She put her hand
on her side to check if she was breathing, and was repulsed when she
pulled it back covered in blood. She then saw the full extent of
Yoruichi's injuries. She had been slashed across the chest, with such
force it had knocked her backwards. There was a pool of her blood
surrounding her.

"Little...Bee.," breathed Yoruichi, before losing

"C'mon, are we gonna fight or what?" mocked the Hollow, cocking his head
in mock interest.

"No, no, no, no!!! Yoruichi!!! You bastard! I'll kill you!!!" screamed
Soi, unbridled rage she could not understand welling up inside her. She
hated Yoruichi, right?

Her reiatsu then pulsed, with such enormous power the street cracked,
light poles bent away from her, and the Hollow shielded his face from
flying debris. "You just made the biggest mistake of your damned life!
Sting all your enemies to death! Suzumebachi!" she bellowed, suddenly
above the hollow, he Zanpakutoh transforming into a gauntlet, with a
"stinger" on her middle finger. She moved with blazing speed, laying two
hits on the Menos' fore head. He fell over dead and disappeared before
he knew what had happened.

She felt the warmth of petite hands, but also the pain of a grievous
wound. She opened her eyes with some difficulty, a looked around. She
didn't recognize her surroundings, but knew she was in Soul Society
again. ‘How did I get here? Who brought me? I thought I was dead,' she
though, just barely noticing Soi Fong in a chair next to her.

"Oh, Yoruichi! Thank God!" exclaimed Soi, tear streaks running down her
face, traced by fresh ones. "I thought you were dead. I don't know what
I'd do without you. I'm so sorry, Yoruichi! I got you hurt, and I yelled
at yo-"

"Stop. Don't apologize. You had every right to yell at me. I'm the one
who should be apologizing. I left you, without a word. I should have at
least told you I had to leave."

"Had to....?"

"Yes. I didn't want to leave, I had to. I made a promise to Kisuke to go
with him when he fled Soul Society. I can't break a promise, someone
died because I broke a promise once. I'm so sorry," she cried, tears
rolling down her face even more than Soi. "I hate myself for it; I was a
wreck over there. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I went to bed every
night thinking of you."

"Yoruichi, it's okay! You don't need to apologize! I understand! I
understand!" cried Soi, understanding flooding her tiny body. Yoruichi
didn't leave her because she wanted to be mean; she left because she had
to! "I should have seen it sooner. You came back , that means you care!
But I let my anger get the better of me, and I screamed at you! I had no
right to yell at you without knowing all the facts."

"No, Little Bee, I'm glad you yelled at me. It means you're still
willing to confide in me. That makes me happier than you can imagine."

"Alright, Miss Shihouin, you're all set to go," said the Captain of the
Fourth Squad, Unohana Retsu. Yoruichi then realized she was in the
hospital. "There's just one problem, you can't be alone for another
month, that dressing needs to be changed every day," she motioned to the
bandage on Yoruichi's chest, ‘You'll need someone to stay with.

"Oh, she can stay with me!" yelled Soi, a little too enthusiastically,
and a deep blush playing across her Chinese features.

"It's settled then. Miss Shihouin is to be discharged to the care of Soi
Fong, as of today," she said, writing on a pad and casting a knowing
glance at the two. She then started to walk out of the room.

"Wait! Unohana!"

"Hmm? What is it?" she asked and turned around.

"I'm going to make a promise. A promise on my life, with you as my
witness. I promise to never leave Soul Society, to never leave my Little
Bee again. I swear it on my life!!!" she exclaimed, fresh tears welling
in her eyes. Unohana walked over to Yoruichi and asked Soi to leave the
room, which she did.

"I'm going to hold you to that. If I ever have to look at Soi as
miserable as she was again, I'll have the whole of Seireitei hunt you
down," she threatened, no air of joking or grace remained in her voice.
She was dead serious. She had been the one to console Soi after Yoruichi
left. She walked out of the room without another word, and found Soi
outside, sitting on the ground by the door. She looked up when her
fellow captain came out. "She's all yours, Miss Soi. I showed you how to
change the dressing, right?" to which Soi just nodded, "Good, then I
leave her in your care."

"I'm so sorry! I woke up late!" worried Soi, as she burst in Yoruichi's
room, making her jump painfully, and out of sleep. "Lay down so I can do
this. I'm already late," she commanded, laying Yoruichi down herself.
She began unwrapping the bandage on Yoruichi's chest, and her hand
brushed up against her breasts, making her blush.

"Oh, you know I don't mind that," said Yoruichi seductively. She had
actually made a subtle movement into Soi's hand. She'd wanted it for so
long, she couldn't wait. The Goddess leaned up, somewhat painfully, and
kissed her Little Bee on the lips, wrapping her arm around her waist and
pulling her down on the bed in a sitting position.

"Yoruichi..." started Soi, but it was no use. Her body wouldn't let her
rebel, even though her mind wanted to run. She hadn't expected to kiss
her again this soon. She'd only been back for two weeks.

"What?" asked Yoruichi, not wanting to stop the kiss for any longer than
was necessary.

"I love you," said Soi, and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck,
kissing her deeply. Yoruichi laid down, brining Soi with her. They both
lay there, side by side, kissing more passionately than ever. Soi made a
move to touch Yoruichi's breasts, but stopped, remembering her wound.
Yoruichi, however, didn't care about her wound and put Soi's hand on its
intended destination, putting hers on Soi's.

Soi felt her hand come in contact with that perfect, cocoa skin, and
sighed. She'd been waiting for Yoruichi to get better to do this, but if
she was initiating it, Soi wasn't going to complain. She began to rub
Yoruichi's naked chest, very gently, as not to hurt her, or reopen the
wound. At this, Yoruichi began to undo the yellow sash tying Soi's
Captain's jacket together. She succeeded, with some difficulty, and
threw it aside, Soi now only wearing the Shunko outfit. Yoruichi snaked
her hand into the side of it, and cupped one of Soi's small breasts.

Soi flinched a little at the sudden contact, but didn't resist or
complain. Knowing Yoruichi wanted more than this, Soi began running just
the tips of her fingers across her flat stomach, coming ever so close to
the panties she was wearing to bed. Yoruichi put her hands around Soi's
neck and undid the knot tying her Shunko outfit on. She also undid the
knots at her hips. She stood Soi up, and sat up herself, letting gravity
undress Soi completely, who stood there, all her blood in her face.
"Still so beautiful," she said softly, pulling Soi into another
passionate kiss. Soi straddled her lover, finding it better than just
sitting on her lap.

Yoruichi began to play with Soi's breasts, who put one hand on hers. Soi
reached her hand down and moved her Goddess's panties aside, rubbing up
and down her slit with her thumb. Yoruichi gasped into Soi's mouth, who
took the opportunity to insert her tongue and explore. She ran her
tongue across her lips, tasting them, and then touched their tongues

Yoruichi laid back down, and pulled Soi with her, who kept her hand in
the princess's panties, rubbing harder and faster. Yoruichi moaned,
never being the first to get touched down there before. She could feel
herself getting wet, and Soi could feel it too. The Bee removed
Yoruichi's panties and inserted two fingers, moving them in and out
slowly, but firmly. "Oh...yes, Soi, faster, faster," pleaded Yoruichi,
gripping the bed sheets. Soi complied, and moved her fingers faster and
harder, searching for Yoruichi's G-spot. She knew she had found it when
Yoruichi inhaled sharply and bucked her hips a little. She focused on
that spot, rubbing it fast and hard, and then occupied her mouth with
Yoruichi's right breast.

Yoruichi had been waiting for this for so long, and now that it was
happening, she didn't know what to do. She just lay there and let Soi
suck her nipples and finger her, enjoying every second of it. Soi began
to roll Yoruichi's nipples with her tongue, eliciting long moans of
pleasure. Finally, Yoruichi said, "Soi, I'm about to cum! Oh, yes! Keep

Hearing this, Soi went down on Yoruichi right when she had her orgasm,
letting her love juices flow into her mouth, remembering the sweet
taste. After she had licked up every little bit of it, she leaned up and
kissed Yoruichi, allowing her to taste herself again. "You taste good,
Yoruichi-sama," whispered Soi, lying down next to Yoruichi, who didn't
stay where she was. She was on top of Soi in a flash, kissing her even
deeper than before, exploring every inch of her mouth with her tongue,
committing it to memory. Soi moaned into Yoruichi's mouth as she grabbed
her breasts and played with them much more aggressively than Soi had
done to hers. "Oh, Yoruichi-chan..." breathed Soi, forgetting her

"I love you, Soi, I want you do know how much," crooned Yoruichi, who
then started to kiss her lips, then on her neck, down to her chest, in
her heavenly valley, and finally ending on one of her nipples, getting
sighs of pleasure with each kiss. She also inserted two fingers into
Soi's flower, getting a strange squeak from her. It was only the second
time anything had entered her, so it still hurt a little, but it was
more pleasure than anything. Yoruichi moved in and out of Soi at a
break-neck pace, eliciting moans and half-screams from Soi, who was much
less adept at hiding her bliss. "Oh, Yoruichi-chan, yes...yes, right...right
there, do it harder, please," she whispered, barely able to speak
from sensory overload, and Yoruichi complied. When Soi felt her go
harder, she began to buck her hips in rhythm with Yoruichi's thrusts. It
felt so good, she was about to cum, but could only breathe: "Yoruichi,
I'm...gonna," before her orgasm rocked her body, leaking all over
Yoruichi's hand.

"That was fun," whispered Yoruichi, completely spent do to her injury.
Soi lay limp, unable to move, unable to speak. Yoruichi laid her hand
across Soi's waste and laid her head on her chest, content and sleepy
after their second encounter.

"I love you, Yoruichi-chan, with all my heart, and all my soul," said
Soi when she had found the energy to speak. She laid her hand on
Yoruichi's head, stroking her hair. Yoruichi's breathing got deeper as
she fell asleep, and Soi followed soon after.

And they lay there, in each other's arms, and no one else existed to
them. No one needed to; they only needed one another to be happy.

A/N: Hey all! This is my first fan fiction, so I want some feed back.
Don't be worried about hurting my feelings or anything; I need it if I
plan on writing a new one. I did stray quite a bit from Soi Fong's
character, but I've always wanted to see a sweeter side of her, and I
guess that desire embodied itself in this fiction. I actually started
this a month ago, and has undergone various changes, even being
completely scrapped once, until it was what you read. Well, hope you
like my first Fan Fic; leave me some reviews, will ya?
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Hentai of “Bleach”: Life as a captain isn’t easy – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Another one had left that made four this month alone. Sure he expected this, but since he had being appointed captain of the fifth division members had been leaving or transferring to other division. If it carried on at this rate in five months he'd be the only one left well him and her.

Ichigo threw his pen to the ground and stood up. That night was a mistake he shouldn't have let it go so far. Honestly why couldn't he just control himself. "I'm leaving for awhile."

"…" no reply. It had been like this for the last week. She had said one word to him. But honestly it wasn't his fault she came on to him right. He reached the door and gave her one quick glance she had moved at all. He slammed the door shut and made his way to the courtyard. It was the only place he could feel at peace. No paperwork, no constant nagging about captain duties that need to be complete by his third seat, but if he thought about at least his third seat actually spoke to him. And most importantly no silent treatment from his vice-captain.

Actually the whole thing infuriated him, he was pissed and she said those things and that damned Matsumoto, why did she always have to rub her bad habits off on everyone. Ichigo looked at the other members of his squad or what was left of them, they couldn't even look at him, was it such a big deal that he could use that power or where they just scared of him.

He looked at the ground his eyebrows pulled together in that all too familiar scowl, his teeth grinding against each other. What did she mean he didn't understand how she felt? He was alone too. Except for most of the captains and vice-captains no one could even look at him. He saved there lives for gods sake and this is the thank you he receives. "I don't deserve this."

"Taichou…please your reitsu's…killing us." He looked up at his third seat Hinamori the original vice-captain of the fifth division; she had agreed to stay on, but only as a third seat. He knew why and agreed he was quiet fond of her she at least gave him the time of day.

He looked around and soon realised that he was unconsciously released too much reitsu, was this why they where scared. He didn't even notice could the gap be that big between them and him. "Right sorry Hinamori it wasn't on purpose-"

Ichigo's sentence was cut short as a huge pulse of reitsu came crushing down around them, so strong and dense that it could only belong to one person. Kenpachi.

"Yo, Ichigo see you're a little stressed out, how about a little sparring between friends." Ichigo of course didn't have a chance to so no as he started blocking strike after strike from the fight hungry man, but that's when he realised his division wouldn't survive a fight between the two men.

Doing the first thing that came to mind Ichigo shunpo'ed away from his division and to the training grounds, "It should be safe here."

"Don't think you can get away that easily Ichigo!" Kenpachi came crashing down beside Ichigo leaving a crater sized hole where one Kurosaki Ichigo had been standing mere seconds ago. Ichigo couldn't help but think that this was exactly what he needed right now.

(General Commander's office)

"We lost another three officers this morning, a large reitsu was confirmed be the disappearances. It would seem that it is Arrancar level hollows that are attacking them." The messenger from the science division looked at Ukitake and waited for a reply.

"Taichou what are we going to do!" The two third seats screamed before getting up and threatening each others lives. Ukitake out his cup of tea down before looking at the messenger and dismissing him.

"We need to find who ever is doing this and send a team out to kill him. I will form a team and leave immediately." Soi Fong said as she got up from her seat.

"No need for that Captain Soi Fong. I have decided to send fifth division captain Kurosaki Ichigo and his vice-captain to complete the mission." Ukitake said in his usual calm voice.

"What! That is absurd Ichigo hasn't even been a captain for a year and you want to send him out on such an important mission, what if he fails!" Soi Fong was livid as all present could tell.

"Soi Fong-taichou, Kurosaki-taichou has proven himself loyal to the Gotei 13 and his knowledge of Hueco Monde will prove invaluable to the mission and lets not forget that his vice-captain once lived there. I agree with Ukitake-taichou that sending them is the best course of action." Soi Fong was left stunned and sat down quietly. Something about captain Unohana frightened her, not that she'd ever admit it though.

"So then it is decided that Kurosaki-taichou and his vice-captain will lead out the mission to discover what is happening to our fellow shinigami." Ukitake said as he looked at the faces of the five present captains.

"General Commander Ukitake-taichou I volunteer to go with Kurosaki-taichou on this mission. Although he is very capable I would like to accompany him on this mission."

"Impossible. You will just slow him down Abaria-taichou." Once again Byakuya said what needed to be said in the least amount of words possible.


"It's okay Abarai-kun he can handle himself, lets not forget he's the one who defeated Aizen Sousuke after all. Well if that's all your dismissed." Ukitake stood up and greeted his fellow captains as they all left.

Soi Fong wasn't happy with this particular set up she was one of the few that actually knew what happened in that fight against Aizen. That monster that had appeared was still sketched perfectly into her head, she would never forget for as long as she lived.

"You aren't thinking of following him now Soi Fong?"

"Yoruichi-sama! I wasn't-"

"You can't lie to me Soi Fong. Just let him go I trust Ichigo with my life and you should too he's a good man and would never betray use." Yoruichi jumped from the tree she had been sleeping on and onto Soi Fong's shoulders.

"Yes, Yoruichi-sama. Uhm?" Soi Fong hesitated for a second, "Should you be walking around in that form Yoruichi-sama?"

In one swift movement Yoruichi jumped off of Soi Fong and onto the ground before transforming into her human form. "Why do you like this form better Soi Fong? Hmm?" she rubbed her finger along Soi Fong's cheek and watched her old third seat blush a deep crimson red before stuttering embarrassing apologies. Yoruichi just laughed before turning back into a cat and jumping into Soi Fong's arms.

(Sixth Division)

"Are you really that worried about Ichigo?" Rukia asked as she put a cup of tea in front of Renji.

"It ain't that I'm worried or anything. I know he can hold his own, I just don't trust his vice-captain. No matter what Ukitake-taichou has done to her she is still a hollow and therefore could betray Ichigo at anytime."

"Impossible." Byakuya said as he suddenly appeared out of nowhere just another reminder that Renji would never catch up to his former captain.

"Nee-sama." Rukia said as she got up and greeted her brother.

"Halibel, Kurosaki's vice-captain can not release thus she is in a permanent second form. She has had her power dramatically decreased to that Rukia or one of the other vice-captains. If she decided to betray Kurosaki Ichigo she would die." Byakuya said ever word with minimum emotion and as clear as he always did.

There was a long moment of silence as the three just stood there looking at each other. Before finally Byakuya turned and left his office.

"That's the problem," Renji finally said as he sat down and picked up his cup of tea. "If Halibel is so weak then she could become a liability. We know Ichigo if she falls into danger-"

"He'll risk his life to save her." Rukia said finishing Renji's sentence.

(With Ichigo)

Ichigo walked into his office completely different than when he had left earlier that day. That sparring match he had had with Kenpachi was exactly what he needed. To blow of some steam. He entered his office and was glad not to see Halibel there he couldn't deal with her right now. He just wanted to relax and have a little down time.

He made his way to the couch and sat back, he only realised it now that the adrenaline that had been pumping was starting to fade of that he was rather tired. He took of his captain's coat and threw it on the latest addition to the room a smaller single seater sofa directly across from the one he was lying on. It would seem Matsumoto had visited again sometime today while he wasn't there, but right now he didn't care.

Getting comfortable he thought of the last time he had being on this couch, with her. It was an incredible experience, why did it have to turn out so bad. Even after saving the world and Soul Society for that matter and fighting of monsters he still couldn't understand the female mind. He shrugged it off and closed his eyes ready to enjoy a nice night's sleep.

Less than an hour later Halibel entered the office, she hadn't seen Ichigo at all since that morning and then the vice-captain of the tenth division had come and dragged her off again. It wasn't that she enjoyed being with the wild and loud woman, but rather that she hated being alone.

She made her way to the sofa that she had been sleeping on since that night. She couldn't help but think she had made a mistake. Honestly how could she allow herself to do that with him? A Shinigami or perhaps not. She was so confused by him. He made her feel different something she couldn't explain or understand no matter how hard she tried. She wanted to know what it was, but for the first time in her life couldn't gather the courage to ask him about it. She reached the sofa and was stunned by what she saw.

She felt her body tingle with emotions of that night returning. This exact same spot, this is where it had all happened. She moved a little closer and ran her finger along the side of his face it didn't feel the same. It was warm, soft nothing like that of his mask. The cold hard emotionless mask, just like herself.

She watched him her beautiful green eyes scanning ever detail of him, trying to imagine the real him, his released form the form she could relate with the hollow buried deep within him. She bent over her eyes never leaving his own closed ones her mouth inching closer and closer ever second. She could feel the warm air hit her lips as he exhaled, but she couldn't stop herself. She moved closer her lips almost on his…

Ichigo woke with a start that was the weirdest dream he had ever had. Honestly there is no way Rukia would turn into a giant chappy bunny and try to destroy Soul Society. And more importantly where did that thought even come from in the first place. But he sighed in relief at least he hadn't dreamt about her again.

He got up and stretched looking at her desk he was surprised to see she wasn't there. This was the first time since that night that he had come in before her. Every morning was the same he would come in see her at her desk doing nothing and greet her she' ignore him and he would go sit in his desk and start doing boring paperwork.

He turned towards where he had thrown his captains coat and was shocked by what he saw. There she was sleeping with his coat wrapped around her tightly he was kind of confused by the sight. Why would she be here and on that couch, (which he remembered only got here the day before) sleeping with his coat wrapped around her like a blanket. He wanted to wake her and take his coat back, but before he could there was a knock on the door.

He turned to the door and shouted for the person to enter. Hinamori came walking in with a big smile on her face and greeted Ichigo and Halibel. Ichigo looked over to where Halibel was sleeping and saw nothing but his coat on the empty coach. He looked over at her desk and saw her sitting there the same as every morning.

"Ichigo-taichou. Ukitake-taichou has requested a meeting with you and Halibel this morning." Hinamori walked over to Ichigo's desk and placed a cup of steaming hot tea on it. She then did the same with Halibel and walked to the door.

"Ah. Thank you Hinamori." Was all Ichigo could get out before she left.

He turned to Halibel and picked up his coat before putting it on. It was warm, so he hadn't imagined what he had seen.

"We'll be leaving soon get ready."

(General Commander's office)

Ichigo and Halibel arrived at the general commander's office right on time, but for some reason everyone else was already there. Not exactly sure if he was late or not he did the only thing he could think of, "Sorry I'm late."

Soi Fong was just about to comment on him being late, when Unohana politely replied first, "No need to apologize Kurosaki-taichou we are early your not late." Ichigo sighed he had always like her for some reason very calm and respectful.

"Kurosaki-taichou you have been called for a new mission. There have been some new disappearances lately and we want you to go and investigate. This mission could be quiet dangerous and you might have to infiltrate Hueco Monde again. Your vice-captain will accompany you and-" Ichigo listened to Ukitake talk about all the mission details, but couldn't help feel excited this would be the first real mission he would receive as a captain of the Gotei thirteen, did this mean they all finally trusted him.

"Are you clear on everything about this mission Ichigo?" Ukitake asked when he was finished explaining all the details about the mission.

"Yes, but when do I leave?" Ichigo wanted to start this mission as soon as possible. He was tired of sitting in that damned office working on boring paperwork the whole time; he was a fighter that's what he was good at.

"You may leave as soon as your ready. Vice-captain Kuchiki Rukia will take you to your destination. Good luck Ichigo." Ukitake was always nice.

"Lets go Halibel." Ichigo said as he left the meeting room. The other captains all stood and left the conference room and headed towards their respective divisions all except one.

Ichigo arrived with Halibel and Rukia in a place he had never seen before. The small town was left in ruins, clearly someone or something had fought here.

"It looks like they where just here Ichigo I must return now see you when you get back." Rukia gave Ichigo a small smile before turning and leaving.

"Thank you Rukia."

Ichigo and Halibel walked around the destroyed town. There where humans walking around in fear of what just happened. He remembered when Rukia had first saved him all that time ago. So this is what it was like not knowing.

The two continued to walk for a few more hours, but found nothing not even a trace of reitsu was left. There wasn't even a hollow to be seen.

"What a waste of my time." Ichigo said as he sat down on a park bench. "There's nothing here. I finally get a mission and then it's a dud." As if on queue a hollow appeared out of a rift right behind Ichigo. Halibel saw it and was just about to protect Ichigo when Ichigo's arm shot up and smashed the hollow's mask into tin fragments.

"And now I have to fight these weaklings. So much for an Arrancar that couldn't even be classified as a hollow." Halibel said nothing and walked over to Ichigo and into the black rift that was behind him.

"Lets go Ichigo." Was all Halibel said before disappearing into the black abyss.

Ichigo smirked and followed her, but when the two arrived at the other side they where not greeted by some weak low level hollows, but more like a army of Arrancar, all as strong as the Espada fraccion.

"I think this is the place." Ichigo said as he gripped Zangetsu's hilt.

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