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Bleach hentai: Mine – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

~~Ichigo was poised above Rukia, looking lovingly into her beautiful face. As he entered her slowly, feeling every inch of her sheathe contract with pleasure, he felt such peace. Never before had he felt so complete…so loved. The pleasure becoming too intense for his leisurely pace, Ichigo ran his hand down her thigh, behind her knee, as he began sliding faster, deeper, and harder into her willing body. His mouth went unerringly to her breasts as his skillful tongue worked its magic on her. “AAAAhhhhh…Ichigo,” Rukia screamed as her orgasm tore through her.

As he felt her walls clamp around his rigid length, Ichigo squeezed his eyes tightly shut in an effort to gain control over his unruly body. It was deeply ingrained in him that a woman should experience more than one orgasm during sex, therefore letting his passion have free reign was difficult to do…Once a whore, always a whore, he supposed. She just wouldn’t stop milking his cock and it was making him a little insane.

When he opened his eyes to tell her to stop moving, Rukia was gone and in her place was Yoruichi. “What the…? Why the hell are you here?” Ichigo yelled in outrage. Yoruichi only smiled her oddly cat-like grin as she rolled her hips, taking him deeper inside. Ichigo hissed at the pleasure it brought him but tried to extricate himself from her grasp. He didn’t want this…he didn’t want her. He almost pulled all the way out of her body only to find that he was chained tightly to the bed and couldn’t move any further. Yoruichi said nothing but her smile widened a bit.

As he struggled against his bondage, Ichigo felt Continue reading

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Hentai storis from “Bleach”: Angel of Mine

It couldn’t have been a better day to relax outdoors. The sun shone brightly, birds chirped from their perch high in the trees. Fluffy white clouds roamed in patches across the sky; a gentle breeze giving the hot day its cool touch. Indeed it was a day to enjoy.

For Yoruichi, the day was too good to pass up. Initially, she had thought about teasing her beloved Ichigo; wanting to see just how much she could get to him today. She was getting closer to having him; she could feel it!

But, the day was just too damn nice to spend it that way. She probably wouldn’t succeed anyways. Ichigo was a a rude and crude prude! That was a good way of putting it. She’d been so nice and giving as to invite him to her; allowing him to demonstrate any sexual desires whatsoever. And yet, like a true innocent virgin, he refused. She couldn’t phantom why. She wasn’t bad looking, was she?

Brushing it off, Yoruichi sighed as she lounged back on a large white sheet, nude it all her glory.


She was in the middle of a forest, and the living world was full of them! Though, this one was particularly interesting. There had been a small lake that set off to the side of her, not but ten feet. The tree’s above didn’t shield all the sun-light, just enough so that she wouldn’t be blinded. The spot was quite nice; she needed to thank Rangiku for finding it during her stay at Inoue’s.

Inhaling the fresh air, Yoruichi rolled over onto her stomach, moaning inwardly at the feeling of being open and free. It was good to let loose like this once in a while. Even though she did it alot, quite alot… Being out in the open, without prying eyes or any worries was pure gold. Who could pass such a day up?

Reaching back to let her hair loose from its pony-tail, Yoruichi rolled onto her bac Continue reading

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